Stewarding the Assets Entrusted to Your Ministry

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As an outsourced chief investment officer and planned gift administrator, we support our clients’ values and stewardship of investments and charitable gifts.

Christian Financial Advisor

We've proudly provided independent financial planning services to Christian nonprofit organizations for over 30 years.

Important Disclosure: The clients on the above partial client list were selected based on similar business structures, not on the basis of performance. Inclusion on this list does not constitute an endorsement by any client of our advisory services.

Our Services

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Investment Consulting

Cornerstone’s Christian investment service committee utilizes a proven process to develop comprehensive investment solutions for each client.

Planned Giving Administration

Cornerstone provides complete administration and compliance for Charitable Trusts, Gift Annuity Programs, Donor Advised and Endowment Funds, and many more.

Gift & Estate Design Consulting

Cornerstone provides support for your planned giving staff and can assist in the preparation of estate and gift design proposals.

Our clients are changing the world.

We are honored to be invited into their story.

Our clients are changing the world.

We are honored to be invited into their story.


From our team of trusted Christian Financial Advisors

Planned Giving

Donor advised funds (DAFs) are a rapidly-growing giving tool:  DAF assets nearly doubled from 2015 to 2019.  They provide flexibility in the timing of the charitable deduction, the timing of the ultimate charitable gift, and the selection of investment approach...

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Planned Giving

Has your charity’s gift annuity program gone stale? When was your last charitable gift annuity (CGA) written? In the current economic environment, some charities are busier than ever writing new gift annuities. The donors are excited about gifting funds to their favorite charity, receiving a charitable deduction, and receiving lifetime payments at the same time...

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Choosing a nonprofit financial advisor can be a difficult task. Nonprofit organizations can benefit from selecting an advisor who specializes in the unique financial considerations of nonprofits. Different service offerings, fee schedules, and investment approaches pose challenges in the decision-making process...

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Our Team

At Cornerstone Christian financial advisors, our Partners and staff take a personal and professional interest in the mission
and purposes for which their clients exist.

Our Team

At Cornerstone, our Partners and staff take a personal and professional interest in the mission and purposes for which their clients exist.

About Cornerstone Management

As a Christian investment company, Cornerstone Management’s mission is to preserve, grow and distribute the assets entrusted to the Christian nonprofit community.  We support mission-sending organizations, colleges and universities, foundations, and other organizations in their stewardship efforts.  

We serve as an outsourced chief investment officer for endowments, operating reserves, charitable trusts, charitable gift annuity funds, donor advised fund programs, and other types of assets.  For these pools of assets, we also provide administration services such as distribution processing, database maintenance, tax form completion, and regulatory filing preparation.

When our clients have the opportunity to cultivate a significant gift, we are happy to join them in key conversations with the prospective major donors.  Accordingly, we believe that the alignment of our faith and values as a Christian investment company with those of our clients is important.  Our corporate values are integrity, stewardship, teamwork, excellence, and personal and corporate responsibility.

At the onset of a relationship, we guide clients in developing their investment philosophy.  Our investment platform can accommodate active management, passive strategies, or a mix.  As a Christian investment company, we are equipped to implement Biblically Responsible Investing (also known as faith-aligned investing).  Since our founding in 1991, we have been privileged to assist our clients in pursuing Kingdom impact.