Policy Review and Staff Training

Cornerstone reviewed all policies and identified growth opportunities within the Planned Giving department.  Later, Cornerstone became involved in the significant cash management program for a well-established Mission-Sending Organization.

Upon review of the organization’s policies, Cornerstone identified planned giving as a key growth factor and worked directly with the organization’s management team and Investment Committee chair to provide training and support to key staff.


Relationship Highlights

  • Assumed responsibility for investment function of cash management program while staff retained treasury function.
  • Presented policy recommendations (endowment, gift annuity, charitable trust, & cash management) to Investment Committee & staff leadership.
  • Educated new Chief Administration Officer on investment policy and procedure.
  • Facilitated millions of dollars of deferred & outright gifts to ministry.
  • Assisted Sr. Gift Officer in the creation of multiple Charitable Trusts.
  • Assisted Major Donor team in the creation of an “invested” DAF program.


  • New policy documents with updated asset class & allocation material, risk/return expectations, & spending rates.
  • Stronger understanding of investment policy by new staff leadership.
  • Enhanced staff ability to administer cash management program as intended; new reporting to facilitate Investment Committee oversight.
  • Relationship grown from $15 million to $130 million.
The accounting staff of the company are jointly analyzing the graph of the expenses on the desk in the office.

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