Rallying Cry for 2024


The start of a new year is a great opportunity to renew your focus on what matters. One practice that many organizations have found meaningful is to adopt a rallying cry for the year. This is a word or phrase that is used to make people join together to support an idea or a cause. I would like to share with you the rallying cry Cornerstone Management has adopted for 2024.


The quality that you show when you have decided to do something and will not let anything stop you. Putting in consistent effort and hard work to overcome challenges. Being persistent and patient in the face of difficulty or adversity. Staying focused on the task at hand and avoiding distractions.


  • Resolution
  • Purpose
  • Drive
  • Persistence  
  • Willpower
  • Grit

The Cornerstone team is determined to pursue the goal of being the best for our clients and each other. We are committed to excellence that will enable us to attain success for you, our clients, in 2024! Cornerstone is built on the core values of Integrity, Stewardship, Teamwork, Excellence and Responsibility. These values make us more determined to build long lasting partnerships with our clients.

The word determination makes me think of the passage in the Bible where Nehemiah, after much prayer and fasting, went to the King of Persia and asked to return to Jerusalem to rebuild the wall. What’s more, he requested to be equipped with the necessary resources for this significant mission, and the King said yes. Though Nehemiah faced opposition after arriving in Jerusalem, with much persistence and the Lord’s blessing, this task was completed in 52 days! Nehemiah exhibited a steadfast determination to rebuild the wall for the sake of his people who had returned from exile. Accomplishing this goal resulted in people being encouraged, renewed, and excited about the future!

We are excited and determined to help meet your needs. Whether you are an individual client or you work for one of the many institutional clients we serve, our team is dedicated to helping you steward the assets entrusted to you. Call us and schedule a meeting. Let’s talk about Donor Advised Funds, Qualified Charitable Distributions, Charitable Gift Annuities, Investment Consulting, or our various service offerings to help you pursue your goals.

We are happy to share that we have rolled out a new platform for our stewardship training materials—an online journey called Worthy of the Gift! Through this journey, we seek to help donor development teams and leaders of Christian non-profit organizations understand the process of assessing organizational “worthiness” as the foundation for their approach to fundraising. This journey will equip teams with the skills needed to align their organization’s vision with their donors’ vision for funding the Kingdom.

This rallying cry for 2024 is a call for us to not give up in pursuing our goal of excellence in client service but to stay focused on the task at hand and put in the consistent effort and hard work required. This year, let’s not use the word impossible, but use the word possible. Let’s be determined!

We appreciate you and thank you for trusting us with your business. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Cheryl Cunningham